Asset Management Specialists Inc.  Got an email inquiry from them wanting to know what my capacity was for various products from $5-6 driveby inspections to $30 QC inspections to $45-55 BPOs.  100-200 at a time.

Based on their website, it appears that they have mainly been a field service/cleanup contractor starting with Katrina.  

I saw some bad consumer reviews about their contractors but have not much else to go on. 

They asked for all of my documentation also.  I sent an email with the following request:

"Please provide information concerning the ownership of your business, corporate form, time in business, source of funds, financial condition of your company and company clients.  

New companies pop up every day trying to take advantage of real estate agents in the BPO and REO business.  I need to know that you can pay for our services."

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  • I completed their package and application in December of last year.  That was the last I've heard from them.

  • It is a national field servicer. The inspection contracts might be for QC inspections for Fannie Mae Properties as they do have contract for it. They just lost NJ as field servicer and I don't know how well they paid, but they contractors they pay pretty low
  • Well Said....


  • Anyone have any recent experience or info on this company - AMSREO - Asset Management Specialists Inc.?

  • Cece:


    I work with an AMS that handles commercial properties in our area. They are great. They pay much higher than this, so I'm guessing it is a different company...........




  • I recently signed up with them and will let you know how it goes. 

    • Pete - how did it go?

  • Cece your great, thanks for the info

  • Thanks for the heads up CECE. Do not work for them at present, need to check it out.

  • AMS is one of two FSMs for HUD in Region 1D under M&M 3.  I think they're an established company but I've never had them ask me to do anything directly so I don't know how quickly they pay their vendors.

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