• Matt Medlock-   this is my go to guy

  • Yeah I work for them here in California.    I know the assignor for my area.  Paying me is not an issue.  I dont like having to compete for the assignments.  I asked the assignor to simply send them to me.  I have his info if you want it.  But yes they are Solidifi in Ohio now.   

    • yes I would like that information about the assignor. I am in SE Florida  Thank You. 

    • If that is meant for me, then by all means I would like his info. I sent you a friend request.

  • Solidifi, I have been doing very easy 1 page site inspections for them for $25 each. The form takes maybe 5 minutes to do, if that. Last group I had was 5 homes all within 3 min drive of each other, so $125 for all 5. Took me a total of about 1.5/2 hours from drive time to completed report. They pay in about 30 days. 

    I love Mark to Market as well. I do regular BPO's for them for my standard $50 fee. They pay aprox 30 days as well too. 

    • Can you tell me what is the email address for Solidifi so I can sign up with them. I am in SE Florida  Thanks

  • Mark to Market - yes.  Not recently. They seemed to have fallen on hard times and had a failed merger with another company. M2M never failed to pay. I completed the application for the FREE Solidifi background check over the weekend. 

    • I just got back my free Solidifi background check. I was also able to get Corelogic(MCS) to accept the background check, but not Clear Capital because of REVAA.

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