• They are pretty cool! Once DIL is done, you get the REO, they give you a tool to work on short for those who wants to short sale.... Not bad if deal. I have few listings with them right now
  • I've worked with them for a few years.  No problems here.

  • I know they are an AMC for Penny Mac files. I had a DIL (only) assignment that just required photos, a checklist completed for DIL condition and a signed release. The DIL negotiating was already completed. It was easy & went very professionally.

    *Soapbox alert*

    That is the way they need to go, if the homeowners are participating, of course. Servicer assigned door knocks and attempting agent DIL/SS negotiating on occupied properties have been a terrible failure in my opinion. Not the servicers fault, I totally thought it was a great idea myself at first, but homeowners are hiding out and us knocking on the door isn't being received much better than the letters or phone calls. On the "MIA" borrowers though, I should concede a little bit, I've actually seen some success there, because they have ended up being those ostrich-types that sometimes I can pull out of their "head in a hole" status once I locate them, via neighbors, word of mouth, etc.

  • I received one Skyhill REO 2 years ago, it was B of A, went smoothly and priced right. The past 2 years I have had contact with them negotiating DIL's for Pennymac bank. I have yet to get anything going with those, primarily I think, due to the reluctance of the homeowners to complete the DIL. In other cases, I have had one homeowner who was ready to sign, but we can't finish it off. Another that was an estate and the atty was already working out the DIL, this one has moved on to foreclosure status. I am the primary Pennymac agent for my area, so will get it one way or the other, but this DIL program doesn't seem to work.

  • I have heard of Skyhill, they are now receiving assets from Bank of America.  They are legitimate.  I have signed up but so far no listings yet.

    May I ask how long it was from your signup to receiving listings?  Would you be able to share any contact information to an asset manager?  I am located in California.  I took part in a B of A webinar over a week ago and the asset team said Skyhill would be receiving assets.

    • Have not signed up yet. Working on it. Let's keep in touch and I will keep you updated.

      thanks, Bob

  • I'm doing business with Skyhill for many years.Very reliable company.
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