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Tony Rosales, who is a member of this group, and was an Asset Manager for LPS for many years, did my resume and within a week I started getting calls.  I have been getting 2-3 new listings a week for the last 6 weeks.  I had to hire a new buyers agent to keep up with the sign calls.  I just weanted to publicly thank you, Tony, for your help and support in my career. 


In addition to helping me tweak my resume, Tony did one of my BPO's for me, so I could see what a 'perfect' BPO looks like, from an Asset Manger's prospective, and reviewed my BPO's until he could come up with no more critique.  There is HUGE benefit in having the inside scoop to help sharpen one's skills to perfection.  I have had a few really, really hard cases come up that I have been able to run by him and get direction.  Like the house from hell, filled with snakes, and the scene of serious crimes and satanic activities....Safe Guard actually walked off the job!  Said it was the worst they have ever seen and would not go back to that house for any amount of money.....this at a time when my favorite asset manager was replaced by six new asset managers....that I did not know.....what an amazing value to have stumbled upon his help.  If anyone needs help with anything REO...look him or on Facebook..he is a kind-hearted soul that is willing to help and is just an all around nice guy!  If you have a treasured resource to 'share back', please do so!  We need all the help we can get these days :)

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  • I will gladly take a look at your resume'!
    I also have a webinar on the subject. It's today at 11am pacific. You can message me for details. :)
    • Hi Tony,

      Am new at BPO's have done a few, but really could use your help.  I would also like for you you to review mine, and see a perfect BPO.  

      Please advise of any other webinar, would love to join.

      Thank You,


      • Phyllis, 

        You could check out some examples of our iFill software to properly fill out a BPO such as for Clear Capital, or you can email me at for an order review or more information on breaking into the industry.


        John Gattinger

    • Tony: I have worked with you in the past and you were great. I have been working with REO's for six years and always room for improvement and looking for more properties. I would love to see a good resume and a perfect BPO. When are you holding another webinar. IT is hard for me to stop to watch, but would certainly try to schedule my day around it. Thanks.
    • Hi Tony

      Would you be so kind at take a look at my Resume :-) I would really, really appreciate it.
    • Tony,
      It sounds like you are an angel in disguise! LOL
      I missed the webinar. Is there a chance that you will be rebroadcasting it?
      Would you be willing to look at my resume?
      Thank you!!!
    • Hi Tony---- will you re-broadcast the webinar?? Icant be here then??? And I REALLY would love to see it????

      Pls advise.... ps will forward me resume if you have a moment???

      Thank YOU!!!
  • Me too! Me too!!!!! What do ya say Tony!??!?!?! 0:-)
  • Tony, I would love for you to tak a look at mine.

    Wayne Wolven
    • I want in LPS lol
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