• Hello-That time of year again.  Anyone seen any discount codes or are those a thing of the past?  Thanks!  Ben

  • I was a paid member of for years.  Stopped getting listings, so last year did not sign up again.  A few days before my membership expired I got a call to take a listing but I had to sign up again.  I paid and got the listing  The listing commission barely covered the membership fee and took almost 8 months to sell.

    This year I did not sign up and they keep calling and offering a discount.  Can't remember what the discount is, but was not much.  Maybe $50.00 to $100.00.  I have not signed up again

  • There are no longer discount codes for Res.Net.  If you have been a paid member in the past, you may get a small discount but you have to call them directly and ask. 

  • Does anyone have any updated Promo or Referral Code for the Pro Plus (AMP) Version?  If not, I will just wait and have it auto renew for the $700...  I tried calling them but they said that they don't provide discount codes and don't have enough points to use to get reduction

  • I know if you do enough work with them throughout the year you can redeem some of the perk points for discounts to the membership. Good luck!

    • What's "enough work"?  I have had the same number of points since I completed my profile. They are worth nothing. 

      • Really?!?

        My points have moved up nicely. Actually, another 30 years or so in this business and I'll be able to trade them in for a toaster!

  • When I re enrolled last Oct after several calls they said there were NO discount codes!!! I had to pay the full $700. They hold any pre lists and listings hostage until you pay. You can get in but cannot complete any tasks. The sales rep finally returned my calls and emails the day before my membership was set to expire. His resprose?? There's an agreement with the asset co's they will only use agents that pay for the top membership. The response back from the asset co's?? They said it is what it is. Kick back? Most likely. Black Mail? You decide. Be careful when you enter your cc info. It automatically sets to auto renew.

  • I too need this years dicount/promo code.  If anyone has one & would be willing to send it to me.  The rep called me but I was on the road but he never called me back.

    • Give them a call.  Depending on your past memberships, they will offer some type of discount for you.

      Here is the # for their sales 800-760-7036

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