RES.NET - Is it worth it?

Hello - Glad to be a part of the group and thanks for having me. I received a call from yesterday "just letting me know" that they signed on a lot of new clients and because I was a past member they were offering me a discount of just $490/yr. I said that the last time I signed back up with the promise of new accounts I paid $700 and got nothing. I then asked if I could get a list of the "new companies" so I could review it and make my decision if I wanted to throw out another $500 for a hope and dream. The lady from said she could not email me a list but she give me the following companies as "new to" - Ditech (??), Carrington, NRes (??), Zoom, Green River and NationStar. Can anyone shed any light on if they think the sign up is worth it and what other companies are actually using it? I have been in REO for 8 years, have had a few clients here and there that used it but I had decided to let a few of those companies go over the past few years and have not had a need for I appreciate the input. Thanks!

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  • Some of my Wells fargo PAS assetss were switched to a service that uses so I would be curious if any one is getting REO's through in 2016 thus far too. I am hesitate to pay as well.

    • That is why I figured this venue was the best to through my question out on. I don't know if the "new companies" are actually new or not or if it was a sales tactic which it seemed to be the last time I threw out $700
    • I thought PAS used Aspen??

      • yes, they do; I've been w/PAS since late 80's!

  • I get a few REO's a month via For me yes it's worth it.
    • Did you sign up with the companies outside of or did you rely on them to find you? I guess my thought is if I am approved through the company directly I will have a better shot at them assign rather then sitting around and hoping they have an asset outside of their typical agents coverage area.
  • I was a member for many years.  But the last time I did not sign back up.  I was not getting much and the expense is more than what a would equal two commissions in many cases.   Some of the REO companies go though auction sites and the commissions are very low making it difficult to justify the expense.

    • Thanks for your input. I am at the point where I would like to expand but no necessarily for the cost involved in this.
  • Absolute waste of money
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