I did some kind of RES NET thing because I had to use their platform for REO offers. I quit doing REOs and they started sending emails sayng if I sent them  thousands of dollars that they would make me rich - I told them to delete me from their files and never contact me again.

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  • I did do business with in 2009 and received some REO listings. I don't know how are they now. Anybody currently working with them and getting result?

    • Many asset management companies still use them. I know USRES, Phoenix, SingleSource and Old Republic are just a couple who use the platform.

      Honestly, I wouldn't sign up with the intent of being noticed, I'd sign up after being contacted by any one of the companies that use the portal when they want to assign a listing. The $700 membership can be steep if one is hoping to just cross their fingers and pray for listings.

      As for the original topic... that's not I don't know who it is... but it's certainly not

      • Thanks Seth for your reply. When I was working with them, USRES was giving BPO only and RES.NET was giving REOs. But things changed since Fannie Mae bought lot of banks, these Asset Management companies lost lot of accounts. 

        Yes, I am agreed with you with the original comment, will never charge thousands of dollars. It must be a different scam company.

  • Good Day

    Does anyone have a RESNET discount code to renew??

  • sounds like they are impersonators.. dosnt do that....

  • I can't imagine what RESNET product costs thousands of dollars unless you are referring to buying multiple zip codes to advertise? 

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