Feb 26, 2015 @ 11:00 PST / 2:00 EST REOPro will be hosting a Webinar on how you can become a HUD Listing Agent. This will be a onetime event and seats are limited to the first 200 people. It is a first come, first serve webinar and you MUST RSVP, no exceptions. The cost is $99.00 and to register, follow the provided link directly below...


Registration URL: https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/7976672450494759681

Training ID: 182-365-388

Q:  Why should I listen to this webinar, hosted by REOPro instead of listening to anyone else’s?

A: On this webinar, you will learn how to become a HUD Listing Agent directly from an M&M Contractor for HUD M&M 2, who had 2 states and was one of the very 1st Broad Listing Brokers. She has also sold thousands of HUD homes since 1993 and is a current bidder on HUD M&M3.7


Q: What will this webinar do for me unlike other webinars I have attended?


A: With REOPro you get to hear directly from a HUD insider who is going to share with you, the tips and tricks on how to get noticed by a HUD Asset Manager.  She will reveal what it takes to become a HUD Listing Agent and give you specifics on what you need to do to get noticed.

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      • It says that i cant sign up when i try 

        • Site Administrator kicked out your sign up and said for you to try it again. She said it should work now. She didn't know why it didn't work before.

  • Q: What can I expect to learn from this webinar?


    A: We will be specifically discussing the following….

    1. Brief history on HUD’s M&M program

    2. Facts about M&M 3.7

    3. Similarities and differences between M&M 3.7 and other iterations of M&M 3.

    4. HUD’s states objectives of Asset Managers

    5. HUD’s expectations of Asset Manager performance and how you as a prospective listing agent can help the Asset Manager

    6. Listing Agent requirements for M&M 3.7

    7. Tips and ideas on how you can get noticed and stand out amongst the competition of other listing agents going after the same business as you are.

    8. How to get a 6 figure income with HUD now

    • I will be in a meeting at that time. Please let me know if you are able to schedule a second webinar.

      • Hi Demonta,

        If, we schedule another webinar we will announce via the group email system we use. I must tell you however, this is a one time, first come, first serve webinar event so, unless we just have overwhelming demand or end up with a waiting list for this webinar, I am not sure we will have it again. Thanks for your interest however and I hope you can make it.

  • I have been trying to signup but the system will not accept my information.  I have tried Google Chrome and Explorer and nothing is working.  I'm really interested.  Can you help?

    • Hey Shawn, sorry to hear that, are you getting an error message, if so, please email me a screen shot to my personal email, Jedago@Gmail.com

  • Hi Jesse - I would love to attend this however, I will be picking up a granddaughter at the airport at that time and know that I can't do both.  Will this be available via purchased recording?  If so I would love to do that.  I always value your input into things and the price is right.

    Let me know please.

    Thanks - Beth

    • Right now, it's truly only a one time event. No recordings, no 2nd webinars. If .....and that's a big "IF", we fill all 200 spots and the demand is overwhelming, I may consider a 2nd webinar but, the demand would really need to be there. With that being said, we haven't filled all the spots yet but, it's filling up and if it keeps going the way it has been, we may actually fill up by this weekend, a full week in advance of the webinar so.....we will let the demand make the decision.

  • Q: What is M&M 3.7 and what do I as a prospective HUD Listing Agent need to know about it?


    A: Since 1999, HUD has been outsourcing the sale of its assets under the Management and Marketing program we call M&M. These outsourcers or asset management companies bid to manage and market HUD assets. Right now, companies like Cityside, Hometelos, Matt Martin and Ofori currently have M&M contracts however, most of those contracts are back up for bid and are soon to be awarded to new asset management companies…as part of M&M 3.7. For those of you wanting to become a HUD listing agent for the first time or maybe you are currently listing HUD homes with one of HUDs current outsourcers, you need to know what is going to be different for the listing agents selected for M&M 3.7 and how it will impact you directly.


    Q: What asset management companies are currently listing HUD properties in my area and how do I reach out to them?


    A: Right now, 6 different asset management companies are currently listed as HUD listing agents and we will share with you how you can reach out to them and get their attention.


    Q: What happens when awardees are announced as part of the HUD M&M 3.7 bid and what do I need to do to prepare if I want to be a HUD listing agent?


    A: It will be a scramble and rumors are rampant however, truth is, we don’t know who willb e awarded M&M 3.7 contracts and if any of those awarded will be any of the existing M&M 3 contractors. Actually, the current contractors can NOT be awarded M&M 3.7 contracts (in all but 1 area) because they are considered to be “Big Businesses” and accordingly to SBA, M&M 3.7 is a small business procurement. We are going to share some insight on exactly what is going to be different for the listing agents selected for M&M 3.7. We will tell you how to format your proposal / resume to get noticed and how to make your proposal / resume stand out! Get the correct information so you will be prepared so that once awards are announced, you will be among the first to get in touch with those wining asset management companies.

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