• Sharon, I would not worry about the bankruptcy as much. Many people in general who would normally have good credit have had to file chapter 13 or chapter 7. Medical bills and the IRS have hounded a lot of people, especially realtors. That will not affect a background check.

    • Dear John,

      I agree with you completely.  I've been a licensed real estate agent in the state of Missouri for over 35 years.  They can check on me if they want to do a background check.  I did pay for one a long time ago and I think it was Clear Capital, but I'm not spending any more money to do these stupid, low fee BPOs.  When I get them, under my breath I say "go find another jackass to do this."  If you know where Springfield is, I got one yesterday for Sedalia.  That's not anywhere near me or in our MLS.  I've filled in their zipcode deals, but they keep reaching out because I'll bet they can't find anyone to do them.  The wear and tear on my car has taken it's toll and I can't afford another, so they'll have to be close by and for a fee I'll accept.  

      Hope things improve for all of us.  Thanks for your input.  I did years ago have many complaints against those companies that are now out of business, but not before they stiffed a lot of us hard working agents.

      • Sharon,

        I'm not sure how it is in other States, but I think California is pretty strict on licensees. If you get a DUI, drunk in public or are arrested for anything, the BRE can suspend your license. So you better have a good story to tell them.
        We have to renew our licenses every 4 years and on the renewal application they ask those questions. And I'm sure they do check to see if there are any indiscretions. I heard from another agent that you also have to disclose any personal or business related bankruptcies. Just waiting for the day when they start requiring credit checks next. 

        • Our RE licenses renew every 2 years.  I did file a chapter 13 in 2010 for medical bills and paid for 3 years on time every month even when it was difficult.  I was discharged in 2013 and carry no credit cards or loans, but can't get one if I tried.  I have no DUIs or even a traffic ticket, but if a person is denied a good background check because of their difficulties with income, seems like they'd need to do more BPOs anyway to earn some money.  I won't do anymore background checks.  They can just go take a long walk off a short pier.  I'll do whatever else I can do to pay my bills. Can you believe me if I tell you I have a candle business, a cafe and sell personal items on ebay or to earn money.  I don't take any government aid nor will I.  I do what I can to stay afloat and I guess the BPO route is not very lucrative these days and I appreciate all the sharing on this site.  It has saved me many times from making a bad decision on certain companies.  I was part of two bankrupt Asset Companies, but luckily before they went, they paid me.  Others were not so lucky.

      • Yep!! I am tired of being the "jackass."  That is to funny...

      • I have been getting higher fees to go to outlying areas but the gas and wear and tear on my car is getting to be too much. They reject these more rural ones due to limited comps, etc, but at least it keeps things steady. REO listings are getting more scarce and I am thinking of kicking some of my reo clients to the curb.

        • if you are doing BPO's or selling real estate, you need a GOOD car and you need to replace it every 4 years (to be successful you need to look successful). Older cars are prone to wear and tear. I have been doing BPO's for 27 years always driving a good heavy car with no worries.
  • For $30 I don't even start my car. I have been seeing GRC posting what they call "Inspections" for get this $17.50..Anyone who takes those is working for $0.00. After you look at the cost to drive there, time to do the visit and time to drive back and the time to do the report (long form)  and even less if they are using a auto-accept robo it's costing them money. I learned a long time ago Time = Money.. Give away everything that cost you nothing but if has a cost you have got to get paid.

    • I'm with car will not start for$30.00
    • I got a good laugh out of the fact that you don't start your car for $30.  Ditto.

      You got it right.


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