• I believe that you have to file with their state attorney's office.  I am goint to do that as they have owed me money ($2000_+) for over 3 years now.  I keep getting told that the heck is in the mail.

    • I have been fighting BrokerPrice Opinion for a couple of years. I filed with the BBB they looked into it and after two cases BBO claims they paid me in full and I know they still owe me $790. BBB has closed the case as not completed. I guess as long as BBO claims they paid me BBB won't do anything more.  I am not done yet

      • You have to refile w the BBB after each partial payment. They close the file as resolved every time you get a check. Just keep filing.


    • what is the email address for Nations Valuation Services and Landmark BPO

  • Update on Valuation Vision. I do work for them and most of the time get the fee I request or don't do the work. I just got paid up through the orders I did at the beginning of June all the way back to last July. My own fault for not noticing that I was not getting paid until I saw this thread but all it took was one phone call to Judy and I had a check within a week.

    I just found out that Single Source is now offering a $79 BPO training course that will soon be madatory if you want orders. I am not doing that or getting a background check for $50 for Proteck. Funny I am still getting orders from them. It is so sad that they are trying to take even more money from realtors. We were hit just as hard as everyone else when the economy sank and we continue to get beaten down.

    • As it is if we get the listing some companies get 1% of our commission.  Not only are the banks greedy, placing their nhomes on the market for crazy prices but the AMC's got greedy too.  I can see getting a background check done but not one for every company.  It is not like we get paid $300 per bpo.

  • I fell for doing $2,000 worth of BPO's for Broker Price Opinion and it was back in March 2014.  I get a call about 72 hours later.   Another company from IREO company that says I have to pay $365 to get REO listings from them.  I want to know if IREO is a legitimate company.  YES?  NO?

    • I have never heard of them but do not pay anyone anything for business.  That is the latest scam from all of them.  I fell for it in the beginning and found that you do not get anything all you did was throw your money away.  You know the saying if it seems too good to be true it sally isnt.  Well you never get any REO's , you may get a bpo or two but they pay about $35-$45 each and you paid way more than that.  We should not have to pay for the priviledge of working for them..  Somewhere down the line this has to stop.

      • You are so right Joan Willis. We are regulated so tightly and I wonder why our industry continues not not only work for free sometimes but we also are asked to pay for the privilege of work.We already pay with our dues and licensing. Someone needs to step in and regulate what these companies are doing. I too have fallen prey to the "pay us $350 and we guarantee you a listing or we will renew your membership another year". Well, I did one BPO and never saw a listing. Called and they renewed my membership for another year and I did not get anything from them for that year. Kinda learned my lesson from that. Never pay for BPOs or listings. It is a scam!

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