• No we stand together and the message blares. I saved everything they sent me. I saved it ALL. I was ready from day 1 to go to court because I was NOT getting screwed again. 

    • good for you!

      as i were, no one should work for free, whether or not you get the listing-if folks flipping burgers are entitled to a living wage-why not brokers?not to mention

      the cost of gas, and additional expenses

    • evaluation ZONE  do these guys pay? Anyone know anyting about them 

      • I just signed up with them and have the same question

  • These companies are preying on Realtors that need business and putting a real whammy on hard working people should to be laws.

    Also be ware of Broker Price Opinion or First Valuation Services LLC, First Valuation Services,LLC, First Valuation Technology all one in the same. DO NOT PAY with lots of promises. OH by the way you get to pay them?????

    Legit companies do not make you PAY

    • Broker price Opinion owes m(e about $3,000 for over 3 years now.  Sarah Sandoval repeatedly tells me that she mailed me a check for $400 but I have never gotten it) as if that amount would keep me quiet for a while.  I am sick and tired of being lied to that the check is in the mail. 

      You are right there should be laws with consequences.  Where is Obama?

      • They owe me $3000 from the last 3 months, I speak to Sarah all the time, the other representatives call me on a regular basis to complete orders. I told them I would not complete another order until I have been paid what is due to me, just like they want to get paid so do I.  I just recently found out that they had a Class action lawsuit against them from last year. Did you ever get you money

      • I recently filed a complaint with the BBB over unpaid bpos from Broker Price Opinion.

        They owe me about $2000, Wanted me to accept monthly payment of $150 beginning sometime in October.

        This offer of which I have declined. My next step will be to contact the Florida State Attorney and file a complaint.

        Don't know how companies like this can continue to stay in business.


      • It has nothing to do with Obama.  It requires that you hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit.  Also file with the local BBB like several people have.  Sometimes they get a small check and then refile their BBB complaint.  Three years later, a lien filed on a property, where is not the owner, will be dismissed as non-standing.  These borrower/owners do not order the BPOs.

      • You should go back and check all those address's you did BPO's on and see if they are listed still or not listed yet as well as the Realist property details of history to see any out of town MLS agent sales.   Also double check the website. If any still exist and have not sold yet, then you need to put a lean on them ASAP call your county office as to how they proceed with something like this. Escrow will catch it and you will then get your money when they sell.  I think anyone that has not been paid within 4 months should start doing this immediately, knowone should ever wait more then that time frame because sometimes these sell real quick as CASH or at auctions and close within 60-90days or less.
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