• try some of the property inspection companies, like, Southwest and Collateral intelligence. Also try Data Quick and Sand Castle. They are much easier and pay quickly.

    • BPO Fulfillment will pay they may be a little slow but they are solid.

      A Company called Broker Price Opinion you need not take them on, they still owe me $950. from a year ago. They called and begged me to take there BPO's, boy did I screw up.

  • Thanks Steve Wolfe, I just sent an email to Zaio Corp.  We'll see what happens.

    • VV only owes me $65.  Such a small amount, and no reply from anyone.  Not even Zaio Corp.

  • Valuations Visions never paid me for BPOs I completed in May of 2013

  • OK, for those of you who are STILL unpaid by Valuation Vision, here's what worked for me:

    I copied the page from VV with my completed work orders on it, and attached it to a letter to  the CEO of VV's NEW parent company: David King at Zaio Corporation in Canada.

    VV may not care what you think of them, but the company that just shelled out several million to buy them sure does!! (and THAT is your soft spot)

    This first time I wrote VV sent a check for everything owed from last year. When the remainder didn't show up I wrote him again and told him that since VV didn't see it necessary to honor their net 30 policy anyway, tell them to send a check for all of it, which he must have because I now have no outstanding balance with VV, it was near $1000!

    Of course, with the slate clean now, I likely won't be putting myself in that position again.

    Hope this helps you.

    Best Regards,

    Steve Wolfe

    • I did one BPO for Valuation Vision a month ago and I got a check from them yesterday. I had had problems in the past on getting paid from VV and had threatened to sue them and they sent a check for the outstanding BPOs I had with them. So I don't know if it was a fluke that they sent a check or if the new company is working to straighten out all the problems from the last owners and avoid a class action suit that some of the other BPO mills are or will be facing.

  • Before you sign up with you can log in for free and check out the listings in your area.  If they don't have any asset companies doing listings in your area then skip paying.  That is what I did.  I have decided not to pay any website to get business from it.  My experience is you don't get much business from places that charge you a fee.  Equator is free or a very low fee to advertise your zip codes.

    • I have never paid for and probably won't because like others I don't ordinarily pay for these sites. I do use Equator for various reasons. I have received listings from Single Source and Nationstar because of my presence on Equator. Mainly though I belong to Equator because several of the REO companies I work with use it exclusive for managing the listings. I do keep my Platinum membership and I do pay for more than one zip-code. I got listings from Singlesource prior to getting the Platinum and Nationstar later. I imagine success with Equator depends on the companies you work with the most. I have never received a BPO or from Equator.

    • ResNet has raised their fees to redic amount. USRES takes major advantage of agents. You do free bpos (LOTS) in exchange for listings (maybe 1 per yr) On top of that there are sometimes fees (refers, ect) associated with those assigned list. We carry the electric, water, sewer, ect on these properties and its like pulling teeth trying to get reim for the money we are out carrying their utilities. USRES contact (Beth in my case) is very RUDE. I stopped dealing with USRES. Last I heard they are having a hard time finding agents in my area to work with them. When I told them I would no longer work for them they acted as if they were shocked and could not understand why.. UGH DUH I had them put pencil paper and then ask them if they would work to be in the red for me? NO? WELL WHY ON EARTH NOT? 

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