• Hello everyone. I have not posted anything for a long time. I wanted to ask you if you know of a valuation company called Valuation Connect. Are they good? Do you recommend them? Thank you very much for sharing.

    • Most likely a low slowly paid. I will skip them.
  • Anyone had any experience with SmartVAl BPO company?

    • SmartVal is a product of ATPRInc & SLK Global Solutions America.  


      Due to an increased volume of BPO orders, we are adding Brokers / Agents to our database and yes, we have been sending out invitations.  SLK Global Solutions America & ATPRInc commit to paying on time.


      SLK Global Solutions America is a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent entity SLK Global Solutions. Founded in 2001, SLK Global Solutions delivers comprehensive services, products, and solutions driven by technology for the banking, mortgage and title industry. It has an established footprint in the USA, the Philippines and India.

      SLK’s banking and financial services customers include:

      - Large regional U.S. Banks

      - Large and mid-size U.S. Title Insurance Companies

      - Mid size U.S. Mortgage Services Companies

      - Large Third-Party Payment Processing Companies


      ATPRInc - American Tax & Property Reporting is a leading provider of products and comprehensive solutions related to real estate information.  View our family of products at:

      If you would like additional information or would like to join us, please contact me at:

    • Time for a new discussion, Sharon.  I stopped following this discussion a looooong time ago.

  • I got an offer to sign up?  ATPR also shows up as SmartVal, sounds like a BPO agency.  Couldn't find anything negative on google, but who knows?

    • I looked them up. They have a legit website and multiple services like title services. If it doesn't cost, I'd sign up.

  • Anyone used ATPR SmartVal?  Any feedback?

    • What is it?  

  • Turing 66 in a few days, start SS checks coming in every month 2K+, I don't need the micro managing of BPO any longer, it was good in the hay days when you got paid a decent fee but now it's just downright stupid what these companies are asking for, along with the fees that are getting less and less. It tickles me when I see BPO's come up for $30. because I know there is some staving Realtor out here doing them, thinking they're making money, when it turns out at the end on the day they are losing $$$ do to time traveled, insurances ( auto, Real Estate, commercial tag, wear & tear on your auto, health ins and so on), gas expenses, auto maintenance ( oil changes, tires, wipers), office supplies- computers and now more time doing the darn BPO, $30 not possible.

    My fees for all companies take it or leave it 1-5 miles $50. 5-10 miles, $60, after that $75. 10-15 miles, after that $100, 15-25 miles, I've gotten upwards of $195 to go 30 miles for a BPO, this is what I can live with and make a few bucks after expenses.

    Talk to those people doing BPO's for $30-40 and ask them how much they are making at the end of the day.

    I believe that if we as Realtors doing BPO's stand our ground fees could go back up, of course there's always that one that would upset the balance and these companies know this. 

    Lots of luck to all, let's go make some $$$

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