• Also stay away from Broker Price Opinion, they may have changed they name by now????? needless to say they still owe me $850. from a year ago - sure checks in the mail - nothing but lies.

    How do company's like this get dummies to work for them.

    • They owed me $160 and never paid. 6 months and 3 letters demanding payment went by with no response. So I filed a small claims action against them and of course won as no one on their side showed up in court. Took the my court papers and filed liens against the properties. Now they not only owe me for the original amount but also interest, court costs and lien filings.

      I figure eventually I will get paid by somebody.

    • like Lavina says, they are slick, they solicit new agents who are not aware of their tactics. I am really surprised the banks are not on to them.

      • Problem is the banks do not care.  They get what they want a bpo, they do not care if we get paid.

    • The new agents don't realize there are issues with some companies not paying. They need to read this blog. Thanks to this blog, when Broker Price Opinion called me, I told them that I wasn't interested in working for them as I have plenty of business with companies that pay well, so remove me from their list.

  • Has anyone heard of iFieldServices?
    Had an email this morning to sign up with them to get bpos.
    I found a web site for them. Didn't see any agent complaints on the internet or on ScamAlert. ScamAlert shows them to be a fairly new company. That worries me as they could have been one of the failed bpo mills who has re-packaged themselves and come back.

    • I looked them up. They bought out e-Notary which arranged for closing signers and property inspections. It appears they bought them in January of this year. BPOs were not on the menu. Looks like a start-up. Could you copy their email here?
    • Never heard of them.  I think we agents need to get more back ground information on these vendors.  They should be providing a list of banks they really work with so we can confirm.  Some banks like BOFA will show a list on their site who they deal with.  If these BPO companies can't give us at least the basics and gaurantee in writing they have never been under another name, then we shouldn't do business with them.  The problem is, its too easy to create your own LLC company and I don't think they have too many guidlines to follow and the reason so many of these opportunists come up and then disappear after their done with their unethical business and recreate themselves to start all over again.  I think that just going to be additional homework for me to do research on how that works.

  • Has anyone paid and taken the Certification from SAM  Specialized Asset Management?  I've been doing BPO's now they want $50 for Certification and right now honestly I don't have the extra $50.  They say they won't use you anymore unless you get certified, but why a payment deadline when it's not convenient or readily available.  Have any of you had to do this?  I did the $49.95 background check for Clear Capital even though I had been with them for 6 years.  So seems like they're all trying to get extra money and pay us less.  Just thought I'd ask.

    • It seems that as the bpo business slows down and as some of the BPO companies consolidate or just go away, the ones that are still around start asking that you pay for certification and for other reasons. These BPO and REO companies will lie straight to your face with claims that if you take their certification courses, pay for background checks and pay for memberships that you will continue to get work orders. Yet at the same time they are paying less for BPOs that take longer to do because of the additional information they request, taking longer to pay you (if you are lucky enough to get paid) and having to compete with more agents in getting work.  

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