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Anyone have any experiences with this company, they want $499. up front, promise at least one listing every 150 days, worst case, can be many more??

Say after the third listing they pay you back the $499. Want a BPO done on a property with a listing in 30 days.

HELP any experiences "good" or "bad" is this another one of those scams to rob us hard work Realtors

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  • run away. do not walk.

  • Donald,

    Do you mean Optimal REO Solutions. Please see the thread below.

    Since I challenged the "referral" they gave me, they have not responded.

  • I've been signed up with for at least a couple of years. But there was no up front cost. In fact no cost at all. So I don't know if this is the same company that you are talking about. But anyways, I never got any BPO's or REO's out of them.  

  • I have not dealt with this company BUT I would NEVER pay upfront money.  Probably a scam.  

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