• I also advertised in both the RED Book and the DS News magazine and had no results.

    I have been considering this option of more business. In doing my research today, I'm thinking thats a lot of money for no return. DIDO on  I just renewed today & I get great leads from them.


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      • My apologies Lee. My intention was to respond to all as the conversation was related to Red Book
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  • Problem is, the Red Book Charges you a large amount, and the only thing the agents want is business, but the redbook has thousands signed up, odds of you getting business are slim to none. So they are only wanting you to sign up. Their are plenty of educating sites to get the knowledge for free. And much better sources for you to get REO's then them, sorry Ami but it is true. DS News is a Cash Cow, I wish it worked for me, but I paid and nothing to show for it. If they were honest and told you upfront, well if you live in North Dakota (example, I don't) the odds of you getting business from us are slim, then I would respect them for that, but you will never catch anyone working from DS News talking you out of signing up even if they knew it would not benefit you.
  • Do NOT do it, absolute waste of money! is the biggest scam ever!
  • I too have paid to be listed in Red Book for three years with no results. Also, this issue has been brought up numerous times on several websites and I have yet to see anyone report new listings from their advertisement in the Red Book. Maybe Leon could let us know who that lucky agent was so we could confirm what he says.
    • I would be happy to, Gary.

      I would suggest that if you're not a part of our group on Linked In, you should sign up. It's another forum to get connected with your peers in the business.

      What the REO Redbook offers is a direct means to get you connected with asset managers. On our end, we have made the connection nationwide to give you a platform that AM's can use to find you. But again -- if you're not updating your online profile (which is what is now primarily used since it has a simple zip code lookup function), and not out networking and letting others know about your profile -- the usefulness of this tool becomes less.

      It also is dependent on properties in your specific area, and how concentrated the agents are in that area. There are many factors that could help and/or hinder the amount of business that flows your way, all of which can be explained by us here. There's definitely some answers and solutions we can provide to help you understand and find better use from the Redbook!
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