REO Drop in volume?

We've seen a drop in our REO volume for North Florida for several of the agents in this area that we work with. We were curios if any other REO agents have seen a decrease also and if they had any input as to why? August was the slowest month we've seen in years. Also if your looking for a solid preservation company keeps us in mind. We are Fl. Certified Building and Roofing Contractors CBC#1258137. We've been in the industry for roughly 12 years and provide a full range of services from initial securing to full re-habs. prepco@prepcoservices.comThanks for your input. Jody Hagemes.

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  • South West Florida is also slow but the same thing happened last year, turned back around in November as my best month ever......hopefully this year will follow trend:-)
  • Yeh in my area Virginia Reo are dropping.
  • It's not just your area! Numbers are way down in the Atlanta area also and still dropping.
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