• As a follow up, I was able to very easily cancel my subscription account and revert to my free account through Keystone. Realty Pilot would have probably been a godsend three years or so ago when we were in the thick of the REO market, but as things wind down I just don't see the cost benefit to $29.95/month as a BPO assignment tool subscription. I'm pretty much at "Ground Zero" for the market meltdown - San Bernardino, in San Bernardino County, CA -- and I've been in this long enough to know that the shift away from REO and mass BPO contracts has come and gone, and we're back to the market being driven by traditional sales. So thanks for the cool tools, Realty Pilot, but for the way I run and plan my book of business, it's no longer relevant to the market plan. :)

  • Just a few weeks back I received a note from them looking to get me on board. I am on their system for my REO client, but this does not allow me to do any other BPO's without paying the monthly fee. They said they are taking on new clients weekly! I said to them the there are only a certain amount of clients out there, and weekly seems to be a bit of a stretch. On the issue of available jobs, I have heard this as well Hector that folks are getting notices of available jobs but they are gone once they get there.Go figure. Have a good weekend all.

  • I rejoined Realty Pilot after the most recent email blast regarding Green River BPOs. After reading comments on other boards and seeing that several of the companies I work with were listed on there, I decided to go ahead and subscribe to the monthly plan.  And from there my experiences were not really that great. I got several emails for Green River BPOs, but none were in my area.  I guess they figure if it’s in the same state I should be good to go?

    And my other problem arose with trying to do BPOs with some of the other companies. It took me a little while to figure out how to set everything up and import the data via a csv file, but it wasn’t too complicated. But when I did the import, the form did not fill out correctly and left a lot of blanks.  I contacted support (and they were fairly good on their response time) but they did not present me with a viable solution.  They said that the BPO companies often change their forms which means that RealtyPilot’s tech support has to reconfigure the import function. This they could only do when they have an active BPO form to do the work.  They told me to contact them when I had another BPO that needed to be done so that they could reconfigure the form at that time. They told me this could take at least 24-48 hours to do.  Since I only get 24-48 hours to turn around a BPO, this was not going to work.  And every time the BPO company changes the form (which I won’t know about because the change is not necessarily something that is visible to the end user), I won’t know that it’s changed until I try to import to the form.  By that time, it will be too late to get that 24-48 hr fix from RealtyPilot.

    So I guess unless you are working with a company that uses RealtyPilot as their actually platform (like Green River), this doesn’t seem like the best option.

    • Unfortunately the transfer of the data is the same with any company that presents a solution like this. We happen to be the only one that not only transfer the data using an extension (some use a less sophisticated system with macros and takes longer) and the capability to track, account and recall the data. Also for brokers the capability to deduct fees from your agents, track who did a BPO and total dollars made are important. This is all done using our system.

      Regarding the 24-48hrs, we are working on improving that but in reality it usually only takes us 4 hours to remedy the issue with form changes. Also our average response time in live chat is less than 20 seconds and all, I mean ALL our customer service people are located at our office. We do not outsource.

      I hope this was helpful.

      • Thanks Christian. I do agree that the support teams response times have been really good and they did try to make things work. I'm not knocking your support system at all and I hope I didn't come across that way. What I was trying to say was that this system doesn't work for me personally due to the issues I mentioned. And I haven't tried any other autofill systems so don't have anything to compare it to. But if an autofill system doesn't complete most if not all of the form, or doesn't do it correctly (putting things in wrong place, not formatting correctly, etc.) then it actually takes me longer to go back in and fix things.  Right now it takes me about 10 - 15 minutes to fill in a form. So yes saving 10 minutes per BPO is great but not if it's not working right.

  • I signed up with Realty Pilot for GRC but all I have been offered are BPO's for properties that are way out of my market area for which I don't have access to the MLS there.

  • I have a mixed review of Realty Pilot.  My purposes for joining the system were three fold.  First, I wanted to continue to complete BPO orders for GreenRiver Capital.  Second, the BPO auto-fill had the potential to save me a ton of time in completing not only GRC orders, but all of my BPO orders.  Finally, the acquisition capability that allows you to submit investment properties for consideration to multiple investors/hedge funds seemed to be a great opportunity.

    Completing BPO orders for one client, in my case GreenRiver, is able to be done with a free account.  This works great and I really like the system to complete BPO's.  You need to upgrade to BPO Traffic Controller ($29.95/month) in order to work with more than one client or to use the auto-fill features.  I did the upgrade and then found out that my MLS system would not allow a needed integration with Realty Pilot called RETS.  I was also unable to download the data files to upload into Realty Pilot in order to work around the system.  Before upgrading for BPO autofill, make sure your MLS system supports the needed integration to make Realty Pilot work for you.  Without the automation feature, Realty Pilot becomes just another BPO entry system to me (like RESNET or Equator).

    The acquisitions feature only comes with the top package, Concourse 360 ($99.95/month).  Realty Pilot did quite a bit of marketing around this feature recently and theoretically it is a great concept.  There are eight or so institutional investors that you can submit a potential purchase to on the site.  The reality is that each of the investors have different purchase criteria and some are very geographic specific.  I submitted three properties to the only two clients that appeared to buy in my area.  Unfortunately, I didn't receive the "almost immediate" responses that were initially described in the Realty Pilot marketing.  It's been ten days and they are still waiting a response from the institutional client investors....

    It appears that Realty Pilot has tons of additional functionality that pertains to the back office tasks of running your business.  That's hasn't been my intended use of the system so it lends no value to why I would invest in the system.  If you need these business management functions, Realty Pilot might be a great option.  At this point for me the BPO automation isn't available and the investor clients haven't responded so investing almost $100/month in the system isn't an option.  I'll be downgrading my account back to a free GRC BPO account at the end of the month.  

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  • I really like Realty Pilot. Up until Realty Pilot I did not have a way to track BPOs effectively. I have always reached support when I needed it in less than 60 seconds. That is huge because if you can't reach support and you are busy you give up for that time and then you abstain from even trying subsequent times and your overall experience declines. Its like they are saying you have to invest a little time to learn the program and they cut that down. I use it to manage my REO inventory. And I have requested and rec'd offers on an REO asset. I have rec'd BPOs from Keystone and Green River.

  • I have to sing RealtyPilot's praises.  I have been with them probably since almost day one.  In the beginning as I was trying to teach myself the most efficient way to utilize the platform the tech support wasn't right on the spot like it is today.  HOWEVER, I would send an email to Christian, or the info desk and I would get an immediate response and assistance. They continue to improve the site and functions and I greatly appreciate that.  I have been happy to pay the monthly fee as it is paid for by just one bpo and the time it has saved me completing thousands of BPOs is beyond comprehension.  Since they have gone from macros to extensions, it is amazing the speed on the auto complete.  The accounting system that is built in is a life saver.  You just have to figure out how to best utilize the system for your needs.  We have received orders from GRC and maybe another company through RP, which I consider an added benefit since the platform has been so monumental for us.  Last month I was able to catch 40 GRC orders at one time just because I periodically check the site throughout the day and caught the orders before any notification email was sent.

    Our success in using RP is a similar approach to life.  It just depends on how you look at it and how you want to use it!  Be positive.

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