• Preferred short sale for Chase would equate to Chase Priority Partner. Find your local Chase bank and speak to the loan officer.

  • Thanx Chris I appreciate the information.

  • Hi Joseph,  here is the link to sign up with BofA to be considered for direct short sale assignments: to my knowledge, they have a relationship with ReMax & Keller Williams agent.  However, you may also want to apply with DTS (Dignified Transition Solutions) because they are also handling a large portion of pre-approved FNMA short sales.  You can find them by doing a google search.  I was told that the best way to work with chase is to exercise local loan officer contacts, in the event you have any.  Same goes for Wells.  I'm sure there are links that I'm unaware of for both Chase and Wells and would welcome anyone who has information on them to share.  I'm hoping that the information I have provided will be enough to get you started.  Best of luck to you.

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