The state of Colorado responded to my complaint about Teamlear.  They said that because it was done over the internet and across state lines, it is best to file the complaint on a federal level at the internet crimes website.  I want to strongly encourage EVERYONE who has been contacted by these scam artists to let the federal government know about it.  It is important, and will shut them down more quickly.

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  • Do also file a complaint with the state.   They won't investigate until there are enough complaints to show a patter of deception.

    • The real problem here is that the feds likely won't investigate until hundreds (if not thousands) of people have paid Team Lear. There will need to be a pattern of deception with actual victims in order for the feds to spend time/energy on a fraud investigation.

      It's a double edged sword. There needs to be victims in order to stop this... but no one wants there to be any victims... meaning the behavior can continue.

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