• I was with them for 6 years.  Was notified last October I was being laid off.  Got to keep all the assignment's I had at that time (some for a year). The explanation I received was business was down and didn't need as many agents.  I could be re-hired should the need arise.

    Several agents in my area were terminated without notice and their assets not under contract pulled and reassigned with no warning and no explanation.

    Now they are assigning one agent I know minimum 30 properties at a time.  She can barely keep up with the work load.

  • Yes we worked with them for over 20 years and they dumped us last December.  We had 17 properties taken from us.  Many were occupied that we spent a year of our time trying to get the occupant out.  Then they dumped us with no explanation other than they are going a different direction. 

  • I received a letter also. They terminated their relationship with all agents in our area with the exception of one. Do to lack of inventory the letter stated. Two can play at that game.
  • I also know of several agents who got the axe.. I am not sure if I'm on their list or not since I haven't seen any new assets since March 2014.. I know it's slow, but if you don't get an email, does that mean you are still in with PAS?  My WFHC doesn't seem to know what's going on with them either..

    • If you haven't gotten an email saying you were terminated, then you are ok...for now, it comes without any notice at all.

  • This is nothing new, they've been doing it for years. At one point I got 3-4 listings a month from them. Then they said I had to take online training to stay in their network. I took it, cost $400. Then they added a bunch of agents and I went to 2-3 listing a year. That's when I dropped them.

  • How do you sing up with them ?

    • You have to call Wells Fargo, I can't remember the # right off the top of my head, but it doesn't make any difference because they say they aren't taking any new agents.

    • SING whatever you want...


  • I have heard from others that they were firing agents due to audit concerns, i.e. addendum to work estimates not looking kosher as well as time stamp photo issues.  The worst part is that they are not giving any reason.  good luck.

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