They are requesting a $399 sign-up fee plus take a class for approval.  They have partnered with ServiceLink.  Any thoughts on these guys?  Has anyone had any experience with them? 


It looks like they are managing Citi assets and maybe others.


- Shawneequa

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  • I called them as a scam from the beginning.  You guys should be so gullible.  Here is a post from over three years ago, where I debate with one of the owners and quickly poke VERY big holes in their program -

    PartnerFirst Short Sale Program
    Share your experiences here with the Partnerfirst Short Sale Program.  Partner First is charging agents to join and also charging a monthly fee to th…
  • Shawneequa, I have worked with PartnerFirst since January of this year - but not paying the $399!  Back in November there was a special of some sort to joing for $99, so I gave it a try.  I've received several "orders" in the Houston area - you know, the 3x door knock and attempt to have the owner contact the bank. However, of the 6 orders received, 4 were for properties that were already in  loan mod AND up-to-date!  It could be that one of these doorknocks will work out at some point, and I already do the same thing successfully for Propertyware (which actually PAYS for the doorknocks), so I  plan to let it ride out and see what happens. Good luck.

  • Shawneequa, I was a premium member with Partner First almost from the beginning (about 2 and 1/2 years). I got no leads. They did have good training at the beginning and later they didn't offer additional webinars or anything. Just Tweets. I use to sale foreclosures for Servicelink (3 years). They were a good company to work with. They suggested I join Partner First when foreclosures started winding down. I did. It just never really took off. They did do files for Fannie...that didn't turn into a large scale program. They are doing some now for a lender based in Orange County Ca. Some of those are serviced by B of A. The company is Impac Mortgage. If they have loans in your area you might get some. They aren't in my area. I just decided to quit with Partner First. I didn't get anything but good training and that was helpful but that was just during they first year or so. After that that was it. I think  their model didn't take off. I don't think it is going to take off now for sure since there are fewer short sales now than then and lenders have moved toward dealing with their distressed properties themselves rather than farming it out to the Partner Firsts of the world. At least Mike's company deals with short sales one at a time and help you to do that. His web site for agents is the best out there. I'm just getting mine going and it's pretty much up to me to see how many leads I can create. It is work and you have to do it everyday (build your SEO to where your on the first page). With the Lead Machine you get a great lead capture site! I'd stick with that....I guess I   Check out my Lead Machine        See I'm building my SEO right here. That's the way it works.

  • I signed up with Short Sale Specialist Network 5 months ago and paid the fee and at least once a month a would call and the  membership department would tell me that it was very rare that there were NO SHORT SALES coming through their website for Maryland. I was even setup for most of the state so i would get the next Short Sale. After 4 months and the same response, i asked for my money back and they did credit me back my sign up fee. I just don't get it, Short Sale Specialists is recommended by Reopro and Harris Real Estate and they did not come through on their promise except for refunding the sign up fee!

  • I signed up with them, paid all fees, and nothing.  BIG RIPOFF IN MY OPINION.
  • I was told a few months back that they were in the "Beta" testing with only a few referrals going out to get any "kinks" out of their system. I appreciate all the comments since I also signed up with them and was at both the Five Star Dallas Conference and NAHREB/AREAA Conference in Vegas last week. I approached PartnerFirst at both places (they had a booth) and asked about their Short Sale referral program and those behind their booth told me they were "just paid to be there" and didn't know anything about when their referral program would actually start sending out our names to distressed homeowners in our communities.

    My partner and I personally mail out post cards using NOD lists from the title companies as well keeping our past clients up to date on the Alternatives to Foreclosure and on our Radio Show... all of our Short Sale Listings have come from those 3 things, which we do ourselves.
  • My response to all these companies out there that are trying to get me to sign up for their bogus memberships is if they will guarantee that I get at least one listing a month I will sign up, they say they can't make that kind of guarantee, I say bye bye.
  • I have paid directly to service link in Jan 2010 for short sale referral. No communication from them. I have also taken their course as well and was qualified as a short sale consultant.
  • I agree with you Rose. Where does it all end? In the last couple years, there has been a proliferation of events, conferences, default schools, equator certifications, and a whole bunch of meaningless other certifications…. The list goes on. Now, some of our clients are pinching our wallets like Bridge with their exorbitant fees and required events. Even Treo now has a $499.00 per year fee to be an elite member on their website.

    I think that income is down for all these companies and they are looking for other alternative sources of income. Guess what, they are saying, there is a huge pool of gullible Realtors out there as a resource. We, as agents, are groveling at their feet. We are desperately writing checks in hopes of building our businesses and getting a piece of the action. The reality is that we are only building their businesses, not ours.

    Rose is absolutely correct; a certification doesn’t make you a pro, only experience does. When I look back at all the money I have given away the last couple years for these types of things and compare the costs to the results, I come up with a big ZERO. My new motto is, “Just say no.”
    • Gary, you and I are probably going to get blacklisted......lolololollollolollolol......... my motto for 2010---
      "Just say NO"............... I was planning on going to the default school conference in Oct.... now, I may not..... am going to start a thread asking the realtors that went to the last few conferences if they actually made any connections that has PUT money in their pockets??????.....
      lets see what comes up????/
      Take care
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