• Same here in SWFL. Slow, slow, slow.
  • Wells Fargo and Chase are not accepting Helocs. Do not expect much.
  • This place will wake up in about 2-4 years. Prices will demand a correction, and the corresponding flow of defaults. I doubt it will be anything like the last turndown.

  • Does anyone have any facts as to why is this occurring now? I have the same issue, used to get orders daily now lucky to get a few a week.  

    Is this the result of AVMs, policy changes, artificial intelligence, legislation or some other cause. Many agents with questions, but I don't find any concrete facts. 

  • I am noticing a big slow down in general with REOS and also BPOs. I am really getting worried about REOS. No one seems to know why. Anyone have any input? 

  • super slow here in Hawaii also lately
  • That's sad...I liked staying up to date with BPO news, not sure where else to go.
    • is also a good place to go for info
  • Nope. Jesse is not keeping it going. If we got the weekly email summaries, people would probably start to participate again. I've asked him to start them again.
    • yes he should. I would really like to know it going on. I am getting enough inspections and BPOs to survive but my REOS are in the toilet. Most of them way overpriced and I have not heard from some of my regular clients in months.  I am considering doing more fair market and short sales, which I do anyway and I have my own brokerage so its not like I can't move on, however this has been my bread and butter for years and it is starting to become very costly for me. I am not selling these properties in a timely manner and I am wasting gas money and time inspecting them. I am also waiting much longer to get reimbursed for preservation and utilities. 

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