I have active listings on RES.NET so I couldn't continue with my tasks because my subscription expired. I didn't know till then so I have to renew it the highest level of  membership in order to continue with my listings. They gotten from bad to RIDICULOUS.  I really have to think twice to take listings because most listings come with a referral agreement, low payment, and payment for this platforms!

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  • I quit resnet when they raised prices 2-3 years ago.

    And I quit BPOs and I quit listing REOs, ad I will not list nor show short sales.

    Life is too short to put up with slavery wages on BPOs and aggravation on shorts and REOs.

    Chalene - You are so RIGHT!

    Majoj - Don't sigh up with any of them. Do what your broker probably told you - list, list, list, list ,list and sell, sell.

    For 90% of agents doing BPOs, it's a dead end street and you will not make any real money, maybe even go broke like almost did. Hate to tell you, but this is  tough business and there are no shortcuts to making money.

  • If you want to work for 1% and pay $700 a year fee, then yes, become a member.

    • That's well said and true.

      • Does any one can please guide which companies should I join. Because i am newly licensed 

        • If you signup at Realty Pilot under one of the free client accounts, like Green River (they assign the most BPOs) and then

          look under the Clients / Asset Companies menu.

          Expand the search and

          click the Mapped for Extension then

          click GO,

          this will show you all of the active companies currently assigning BPOs and properties.

  • I quit using 2 years ago. The fee was too high for little to no business. Most of my REO business comes from Dispo Solution or Equator or other ways. Everyone has to charge an enormous fee to use there site today. I just narrowed it to where it was a benefit to me and not them. 

    Same as low fee BPO's and some Auction listings. If agents continue to agree to working for free, where will the REO business be in a few years? Online auctions only possible? 

    Hang in there, sometimes this business can be tough, more times than not it is. 


  • I am getting phone calls from them to became there member. Should I or not.

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