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Hi Everyone,

I am new to BPO's and just starting the process of filling out applications. I've had one company request for me to do an SPIF, which I had to ask what that was and found out it was just an exterior property inspection where you take several photos and fill out a quick form. When filling out the applications I am running across several different types of inspections. Is there anywhere I can find the different terminology so know what I am talking about without having to ask each company? I imagine different conpanies have different name for the same thing?  I've been in real estate for 15 years but feeling kind of stupid. 😬 Just want to make sure I am not accepting an assignment for something I am not qualified for! Any suggestions appreciated!



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  • I will sell a sales performance incentive fund before I will bother with these inspection requests. My inspector will do it for $250 cash only.
  • Thanks Byron!
  • Just show you have some authority in your work! Don't let them scare you about their demands in rushing your work. You are a professional if they want "Quickies" don't work with them at all!
  • Sadly Debbie, no real "authority" exist. Unfortunately, you just got to jump in and ask the question, "What's expected of me?" Any true professional will NEVER take such a question and make you feel any less for asking it. We all know, each company is different, each company has different jargon and it can absolutely be confusing. So, again, never be afraid to ask because, truth is, you never really know till someone spell out specifics.
    • Thank you Jesus! Have made a lot of phone calls today! :)
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