Mainstreet inspections (possible forgery)

Everyone has noticed by now Mainstreet is sending out more inspections than BPOs. Ive noticed most of the BPOs that are sent are very difficult to do. Many are no cookie cutter comparables. With that being said it seems kind of fishy that the exterior inspection report almost looks similar to BPO without the comps. Im wondering if they are collecting the BPO money and running their own comps. If they are how would we find out? There are a lot of companies that get away with changing reports ths doesnt sound much different.



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  • All exterior inspections require 7 photos. Apparently there is enough dishonesty going around, the latest gimmick involving hold a sign with the property address in front of a house. One needs two hands holding the paper with the date, time and 3rd hand to hold the camera. I got only two hands! Anyone knows the digital camera can not auto focus on close and far objects simultaneously. One or the other. You need to upload the property record also. That entitles one to get $20.

    They have an interior inspection program involving taking photo of each room. each repair.... I saw a 18 room 6 car garage in my in basket along with $25 offer. You load 18+7+damages making a half day task. I did not say I grabbed it.

    Their BPO involves download every transaction record & subject record (6+1=7), 7 photos along with endless copy and paste fills.
    I find the area agents are looking for gas money and there is not a shortage of volunteers. Mainstreet is a bpo mill that has restricted liability can only do homes below a certain threshold. When you are a BPO mill and can not standup defend yourself, you make your broker work to death....

    I believe it is asset management companies and lenders create the confusion posted here. There are, however, endless brokers still grab the assignments. I see agents with iphone accept them daily.

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