What are you guys/gals using, and why? 


I've looked into Sharper Agent, Top Producer, and Constant Contact.  I'm considering each, but none of them seem to have ALL my wants/needs.


I'm looking to be able to integrate all my REO, Short Sale, Retail, Commercial, and Property Management clients/listings into ONE system.  Something where I can have remote access, as can my staff/team.  Something where we can input a clients birthday, anniversary, child's name/birthday, dates of purchases correlating to homes they may have bought from us, anniversary of those purchase dates so that we may follow up with them.  I want there to be an auto-drip marketing campaign for each TYPE of contact (investor, vendor, other Realtors, asset manager, first time home buyer, short sale seller, retail seller, property mgmt client, etc), so that I can tailer each campaign to that specific contacts NEEDS, WANTS, and GOALS! 


So again, "What are you guys/gals using, and why?"  And what does it cost you on a monthly/annual basis?


Thanks in advance!

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  • What system did you choose?
  • Well I'm going to a Top Producer class tomorrow morning for a few hours, to see what it has to offer, so thanks for all the insight and advice John!


    Does no other agent/broker here utilize any type of office management, listing management, or contact management system that they care to share?

    • ^ missed out on this class; tore my AC joint the night before in the gym and spent the morning of the class in the doctor's office trying to figure out if my collarbone was broken, or ac joint was torn.  Thankfully, it was the ac joint & not a break!  Stinks; was looking forward to the class to see if TP was going to be my answer.
      • Josh,

        I'm sorry you got hurt. What a drag. I broke my collar bone once and that was not good.

        BTW: To anyone reading this: I don't get anything from TP for the statements on this thread. I just know that helping people and making a self-less contribution to others is one of our primary objectives in life. Who can you and I help TODAY?


        At least go to this link and see some of the free videos.  http://www.topproducer.com/campus/landing-pages/training/free-train... 

        Also there are several links on the left side of the page for Free training and a fee based live online session. There are 2 trainings in Florida coming up on March 23 and April 8th(?). Browse for yourself.

          The 8i system is very good and its all about how well you use it. It has more than I will ever be able to use. I do have the Market Snapshot and postcard campaign going and it is helping me to add people to my database.

        Good luck and "healing"

  • I have Top Producer 8i ($30/month) and a Top Producer website ($25 month). I like both for the GREAT customer service and free training how to use the darn thing because it can do so much and I suck and the database management. Keller Williams Realty just launched a company wide data base system (E-Edge) that will do everything we need from data base to Escrow to auto email and mailers. My team is just checking it out as they roll out new parts of it. But then if you are a KW agent the cost is only about $20 month (estimated).
    • John, what kind of results are you getting for your Top Producer products at the $55/month expense?  And what uses are you utilizing it for?  Are you able to upload your contacts to T/P via an Excel Spreadsheet, or must it all be manually input?   THANKS btw for your input!
      • My results are only limited by my lack of promotion and/or attention. I am a bit short staffed right now. I am going to be increasing all my Social Media things and re-evaluate my SEO things on my site. My weekly traffic has increased a lot over the last year though. I use WolfNet Technnologies for the IDX listing search. T/P has a download Wizard that will help you convert your Excel info and the customer services will walk you through it. They might even do it for you! i think they did a whole data base for me. All my contact forms from my website automatically go into T/P so I don't have to do anything. All their many many drip campaigns are set up so you just choose what type of buyer/seller (or other) you have and set them on the auto email. And you can cusotmize them too or add your own content. It allows you to mass email your whole or selected data base.

        • That's great info, John.  Thanks for sharing!


          Any chance do you know if the T/P portal allows you to input LISTINGS and/or Property Addresses and associate those with specific contacts?  IE:


          John Doe

          1234 Main Street

          New York, NY, 12345

          727-555-1234 Home


          Listing: 5678 North 1st Street, Tampa, FL - Purchased by JOHN DOE of New York, NY on 3/7/2011 for $57,000 cash. 


          Something like that where we could take a listing that "John" purchased from us, and correlate it to his personal database.  Obviously for Investors, some homes they're purchasing are going to be in different states, etc. so I would like to be able to include several homes that they may have purchased from me, those purchase dates, and then later include Lease Dates, Repair Dates, etc. in that same portal. 


          Again, I'm shooting for the moon, and hoping to land amongst the stars with this type of database/contact mgmt program.  But I'm sure it exists.  Integrated Business Solutions (IBS) did one for a land development company that we used to work for, and it was something like $5k a year - but well worth the investment, IMO.

          • YES, you can make as many categories as you want and assciate them with one or all your prospects. Maybe you should just call TP and get an overview or watch one of their online training things.
            • Haha, you'd think, right?  Just trying to gather information without being SOLD TO - I buy enough (and sell enough) things throughout the course of my days, that I'm trying to gather information w/o sales pitches :-)
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