• Raegen,

    Stay away from the LAMCO Network!!! They will do nothing but give you "Lip Services" and empty promises.  

    I was bombarded with phone calls and made the mistake of buying a Lifetime Membership as a Restoration / General Contractor in the Denver Metro area.  

    I was promptly sent three work orders and property inspection requests, I thought "Great" this will be a great source of business!!   All three requests took place in Oct & Nov of 2011. The work was completed within 1-2 days of the requests, and I still have yet to be paid.  

    I couldn't get a response regarding payment from LAMCO for almost four months until I filed intent to lien documents with the county clerk, and then received several calls and emails, the latest containing a settlement offer at 50cents on the dollar. I rejected the offer and turned the file(s) over to a Denver collection agency.

    The Liens, Collections, On-Line Postings and Warnings to other contractors will (hopefully) put the LAMCO Network on the radar as being a Very Un-Ethical Business!!!

    Please don't waste your money!!!

  • I just joined Lamco, $199/Five Star Pricing for 12 months, I will contact asset managers and hope to create relationships that lead to business
  • Lamco has been sending me many solicitation eMail calls, even auction like talks to put my name in a database.
    They are friendly and professional. If it helps you to get more business then go for it. But this is not how their asset manager
    picks the listing agent, as I was told. They found me from previous list wanting me to give them $ this time.
  • I paid, no listings yet. I did get a couple of occupancy verifications and several BPOs. Still waiting..
  • I didn't pay anything...did my first bpo...was told if property didn't sell at auction I'd be listing it...This company rocks!
  • I signed up a few months ago, nothing yet. I will contact AM and see if it helps. Thanks.
  • BPOs so far. I've spoke with AM last week and she said that they have more orders coming in the pipe line.
    • Thanks...that is good to know.
      • Are you member of Lamco?
        • No...but I am thinking of joining...
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