L.D.G Asset Management

Just a warning.  Someone saying they represent L.D.G.  looking for agents to list specific properties in the local area but to get started needs a maintenance fee of $400 to get started.  This is a scam.  The properties are not assets that they have in their inventory.  Beware.   I had given them money in the past but did report as fraud to the credit card company and had my money returned.   The asset they were using as a decoy was that of another company that I do work for. Lessons learned.

PS   They are located in Denver Co. area.  

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  • I received a credit back to my credit card for "services not provided as agreed" when they tried to collect $449 a second time from me to receive a listing from them.  Check here for the many complaints to the Better Business Bureau:  


  • Yep, got the same call (again).  This time I was sitting in front of my computer and googled LDG asset management and of course Lear came up along with LDG.  I listened to the girl read from her script before I interrupted her and said, 'you know, I know you all are a scam.'  She Immediately hung up.  Scum bags.

  • $400. Denver. Hmmmmmm....sounds like  the nth reincarnation of IREOpro, Absolute, etc

  • I got the same call I should have not pick it up. I told them they need to pay me $400 fee as their honorary broker. They hang up as intended.

  • Barbara A Amey, Independent Realty Co., Douglasville, GA, I was contacted by Grant Dobson, asking for a one time payment of $499. He stated he was the asset manager for LDG. I spoke with him twice, the conversation did not seem credible. Stopped responding quickly. Fraud Alert antenna went up!!!
  • Thanks for the heads up Barbara.  

  • It's got an 'L' in it - it's Lear again. .....

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