• I guess it all depends on how lucky you are. I completed my first 3 bpos for them within the last two months and I've already received a listing from them. I probably wouldn't be doing 40bpo's a month if I'm only getting a 1-2 listings a month. But if the volume of REO's are there then it's worth doing the free BPO's. You'll find that asset managers do talk and eventually those AM's from USRES will end up going to work with other companies so you don't want to bite off your nose to spite your face by not doing their BPO's for free.
  • Glad to hear that the system does work. I have quite a few more to go...
  • I did one BPO for them and then got discouraged on traveling so far and working for free. I rather get paid $45.00 or less but work for a company that has a REO dept.
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations!
    • Thanks Julie from OR:) was a pleasure meeting you at Bridge AM
  • I have had listings from them without doing free BPO's. No Broker should work for nothing. You can be sure that USRES is selling those BPO's for $100-$200.
    • You are right, I have done over 30 free BPO's and received one listing from USRES. Thats trading a dollar for a dollar.
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