Hello everyone. I signed up with Vendor Resource Management for the REO Cert classes next week. Is anyone else going to Las Vegas? I'm hoping it will be  good training to have since I am doing BPOs for PCV Murcor and these two companies are connected. If you have already taken this training, can you drop me a note with your impressions of the company; have you gotten any business from it?
Let me know if you are planning to attend. It'd be fun to meet, greet, and shake hands as fellow REO Pros.

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  • Hi Deborah. I am a member of the NAREB (local chapter CVRA - Central Valley Realtist Association) and we are working with VRM to set up a training class with VRM next month. I will post the flyer in the new group I am going to set up on Reopro. I will call it it. VRM Asset Management Company. Be on the look out, I will also put in it the events section.

    Rosemary Brooks
    Patrick Williams & Associates
    • Oh, this should be a great way to network within our own group. Thanks for telling me this & setting it up. I'll look forward to it.
      • I have requested the group. Should be approved by tomorrow.
        Nice meeting you!
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