...I need a source to fund short-term loans for flipper invesments in Northern California. Good credit, bad credit, anything...contact me.


Thanks in advance!

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  • Try Ari at the info below. A lot of investors, etc are using thme around here. Tell him I sent you.


    Attention Rehabbers & Developers!
    Achieve Real Wealth Today! We'll Help You Get There!
    Aztec Financial is a DIRECT LENDER with over $85 Million in Private Funds for:
    Rehab Properties
    New Construction
    Hard Money Loans / Cash Out
    We may lend you up to 100% of the Purchase Price plus 100% of the Cost of Repairs (subject to appraisal) on ANY TYPE OF RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL PROPERTY!
    Aztec Financial specializes in RUSH Funding and NO RED TAPE! We also offer loans for:
    Commercial Properties
    Apartment Buildings
    Spec Homes
    Business Purpose Loans Secured by Real Estate
    No Financials  -  Equity Based  -  Minimal Qualifying
    Call Ari Waldstein
    Senior Loan Officer
    (818) 848-8960 cell:(818)486-2846

    • Will...and will mention you sent me. Thanks, Carey!
  • Most hard money lenders will process apps.  Typ 40-50% down  up to 9% interest charging a 3-6% origination pts.

     However, if the property is valued at 50% of going rate the downpayment can be smaller.

    Suggest you Google, Bing and type in your area.

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