• Brandi called me, too. I was teaching a class, so I didn't have time to talk, but she left a long voicemail. For the record, I did not say they owed me money. I just said that they were evil to deal with, which they were for me.
  • I received the same call from Brandi and the same strange question if I had done another BPO on this property for another company. I completed the order in March, in June they told me check was going out, and this week Brandi calls and still no payment. I had problems in the past with payment from them but decided to give them a second chance. Never again.
  • Just an FYI, follow up. I received a call from Brandy with the company 6/27/2020 and again today and I also received an email from Jason re follow up on payment 6/29/2020. Yes I did get paid, finally and if I had known it was their policy not to pay agents until after they receive payment from the lenders/customer and that the typical payment time is greater than 60 days I would never had accepted the order. I did discuss this with Brandi and told her the same. I have received 2 calls from Brandy and she discussed the issue of agents writing on forums stating they have not been paid and she did explain that it is their policy not to pay prior to Home Nation Trust receiving payment from the customer, so thus the waiting time to be reimbursed for work that has been completed. That is their policy and their right however I informed her she probably needs to disclose this to the agents prior to their accepting orders as most of us that have been doing this for years are used to being reimbursed within 45 days at the most. She stated agents are completing orders that they have already completed orders on in the past and the customer will not pay (Home Trust Nation) them thus they will not pay agents until the customer has verified no prior orders completed and until they have been paid by the customer. She states there are agents completing orders for them that should not be completing orders for them and expecting to get paid and get upset when they are not paid. .....Well, not me. I completed the order 2/16/2020, Jason stated in his email that I should have been paid on ***5/18/2020 however since I complained and threatened to call the Attorney General *in this forum they paid me 4/29/2020 " 72 days after completing the order....Exactly my point, if it had been disclosed I would never have completed the order, even 72 days is ridiculous. However I can not say they do not pay, they pay (I am assuming they would have paid me regardless of whether I placed comments on the forum or not) however the time frame is not what I am willing to work with.
    • Hi Dede,

      I also received a call from Brandy. I did not speak with her but she did leave me a long message. I can say that they do not owe me any outstanding money. I recieved an email from Jason a few months ago trying to place an order. I declined due to lack of payment and they promptly sent a check out. I have no issues with this company.
  • I had 2 orders last Mar/Apr. Could never get any info out of them for the payment. I received another order in Feb. All I did was reply I was not taking any more orders from them until I get paid. After about 10 days I received a response from them stating they would have to invoice Chase for this. I haven't heard again, and honestly didn't expect to!
  • I am also waiting for payment from them.  I have only done 1 order for them,(I always wait to see if a company is going to pay prior to accepting other orders) and I have called, email twice and no response.  I posted on this site earlier today discussing how I have gone to the Attorney General of different states before, dependent on where the company is located, to get payment and have been successful in the past and a few hours later (I wonder if he reads this forum) I receive a text from the person that sent me the order to complete.  I thought it was really strange that I would get a text from a BPO company.  he wrote... 

    "Your valuation was done last month. I would anticipate in the next few weeks you will be receiving your check.  Once our client has a chance to do their proper due diligence."
    J. C.... with Home Trust Nation  (I don't know if I am allowed to post names so I abbreviated)  

    so...I am assuming they have no intention of sending a check.  The legit companies would never make an agent wait for the client to do their "due diligence" to pay them.

  • Up date on my previous post from November 2019.

    Well, they still don't pay!!! Once I get paid on my remaining outstanding invoices I will NEVER EVER do anything for this company.
  • They were evil to deal with a few years ago

  • Small company... I havent seen anything come from them for a long time, just logged in and they owe me for an order from March of 19 and July of 19... guessing they went under or are going under

  • Sorry I have never heard of them.
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