Hiring a Transactional Coordinator

Just wanted to get a feel for what agents are paying their admin support.  Salary plus bonuses or transactional fee only?  I have a licensed assistant that I pay salary plus bonuses but I need to hire another and trying to figure out the best way.  Thanks in advance for any input.

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  • Hi Brandy,

    Hire a virual assistant. You can find them on line some of them are specialized in REO workflow. I am using one mylself to handle my escrows, resnet package uploads and corespondence to agents pre-escrow and after I open escrow. She does type my BPOS and other chores if asked. I pay a flat fee per transaction. I used as I need it.Works fine with me.
    • would you mind sharing the falt fee? I'm sure this will change area by area, but "virtual" might eliminate that as well?
  • Brandy,

    First you need to get the applicant to take a DISC personality test and only hire those with high "S" "C" or "SC" scores. These S, C personalities work best in an environment (job) of Stable, Steady (thats where the S comes from) income that is predictable. Often they won't care too much about monetary bonuses is that is not what is important to that personality type. Time off or flexibilty or an actual gift of something meaningful often works best.

    If you are hiring a 2nd person, be careful if you are going to pay them different amounts for similar jobs. That will cause a conflict. We have a HUGE pool of qualified applicants right now. Hire them part time and increase as your business does.

    Find out about the DISC test if you don't know.
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