I received an Email from this company. They want to assign me two properties, but they want me to pay retaining of 400.00+ They have the same story as Team Lear, I'd like to hear if anyone of you has worked or working with these company?

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  • I got scammed out of $449 from these creeps. Last year they were working in Arizona.

  • There is a thread from a couple months back that explains they are a "SCAM".

  • They seem to be working the Utah area now. Did not pay them, smelled a scam. Optimalreosolutions.com website seemed to be a shell site. Linsey Day's phone number is now blocked. Thanks Reo Pro for being such a great sounding board for so many honest and hard working Realtors!

  • SCAM!! 

  • So, after investigating them, they do not exist. Scam company, Run,Run,Run. When I called and asked for references and told them that I would be investigating them they reversed the charges on my card and now wont respond to any of my calls or emails.

    • O sorry i did not see this post prior to posting a few mins ago to the other .. post you had on May 18th, 2016. I have requested a refund as of August 11th, and they stated to me that they would refund me in the form of a check.. I do not believe anything they have to say. I am challenging their charges with my credit card company as of now.. I have requested that my funds be returned back to my credit card.. I also emailed and sent a text message to Lindsay Day.. that was whom I spoke to that stated I needed to sign up to receive the assignment. I cannot believe people can get away with this.. I really need to receive my money back. Any insight as to investigating them .. I have already made a complaint tonight with the Federal Trade Commission..  Please let me know as to whom else I may contact.. so that they stop this and do not scam other Agents.. Thank you.

      • You need to call your credit card company to get the charges reversed.  Tell your credit card company  this is a fraudulent charge.  You may need to write a letter of explanation.

  • Just received the call myself. They gave me a property that has been foreclosed on. I have asked for references from agents they work with which they said they would provide tomorrow. Yes I paid the fee $500. I did check BBB which states they are in good standing no complaints. So praying I didn't get scammed. God what a business!! Any other info from anyone on this company, please let us know.

    • Hello Jason,

      Did you request a refund.. ? I do not believe they are a legit company.. I have requested a refund and am waiting for my fund to be returned.. 

      • I received a check back for $500 and couldn't get to the bank fast enough!  It did clear by the way...good luck!

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