• Titanium can work if your assignments are close to home.  I found that if I took assignments that were a distance away, I was wasting a lot of time driving to the assignment, knocking on the door to find no one home and I had to make a trip during rush hour.  I don't have enough time and patience and found I could devote this time to something more profitable.  Titanium also cancels many assignments.

  • I think bofa confirmation is date of birth. Clients barely feel comfortable talking to you will be reluctant to give you date of birth. Most will advise you that they wish to deal with lenders themselves and do not want or trust a rep. I have helped a few who need to be reminded to do WT.  I got one contemplating a ss. He later told me people at work told him to file bkrt to get stay there longer. It is a community chore to help out and does not cover gas cost.

  • I have worked for them for a couple of years. If your only goal is to get listings and not help your community, then pass. My main reason was to help homeowners to keep their home, if possible, if not then to help them thru the process. I have had a few homeowners get loan mods and keep their homes. They have since referred other troubled homeowners to me. I do have a homeowner that didn't qualify for a loan mod and asked me to list their home. We are close to closing now. So, again it is where your goals help or just get listings.

  • Pass on this.  Did it for a year only because I was promised listings from Excellen... Never got anything but angry homeowners asking me to leave... I also didnt care for the threating emails recieved about its not our goal to be listings short sales but rather trying to keep owners in their homes.

    • Thanks Tony. Roger that... 

  • Hi,

    I too found the process a lot of work, but, I did get one homeowner that had started the short sale process with BofA, listed their property with me and am closing next week.  I would not have had that lead if it weren't for Titanium.

    • Cheryl, I guess you were lucky. 

  • I worked for many years with them and nothing turned to be a profitable business.  Their planned three-time door knock leads were fruitless, but there is no conflict of interest at all.  Just my 2 cents.

    • Thanks Byron!  My gut tells me to pass on this one. 

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