• Hey,

    We are a team of people having experience in manually accepting new BPO orders for most of BPO companies. We are very prompt in accepting orders when they are posted and can accept orders on your behalf for companies like RRReview, Atisource (Ocwen), Clear capital, OLD Republic, Equi-trax, SAM, Proteck, Corelogic, Emortgagelogic, BPO Fulfillment (Mainstreet Val.), Inside Valuations, GoodmanDean, Woodfinn etc.. and other companies.

    We have one year experience and very high success rate in accepting new orders. There is no automated software used, We constantly monitor your email for new order and immediately accept new order when it is available, we do it manually and it is legitimate. We can provide you free service for a day or two if you are interested and accept some orders for you.

    You would pay for accepted orders only, no additional costs. If order is canceled later you don't need to pay for it.

    You can leave all your worries on us for accepting orders, please shoot me an email

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.

    Frank Stallworth
    BPO Order Accept

  • I paid them for about 4 or 5 month to find out if someting will ever happend....(about $30.00 for a list of zip codes). They were vere good to cancel my payments by request.
  • I have never heard of them. I did a little web search and found this site so we can see what others are saying about REO Prep

    I also visited the REO Prep site. Little information, no list of current users available and at $4.80 per month per zip code I cannot see it being cost effective. I did send a requet to them to provide contact info for at least three agent currently using their service. I let you know if I get a reply.
  • I received an email from them today too, as if I had already been using them...Not! I deleted the message...
    • Thank you both fore responding. I have never worked with them or heard of them until I saw the charge on my CC. I sure I signed up somewhere along the line or it is a company that changed names or something.
  • Never heard of them. I just checked their web site and don't think it is real informative.
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