I only do an occasional BPO for one company that has paid me $50 for a driveby for years and paid within 2 weeks.  I got 2 requests from Valuation Partners today for $40 each but don't remember ever doing one for them.  I may have filled out an application years ago.  Don't know if I want to start with another co. especially one I know nothing about.

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  • www.reoeducation.com has this company on their BPO list.  They generally scrub their BPO and REO company list once every couple of months.  I have done a few BPOs for valuation partners and they did pay.  Their volume is a little low in Illinois though.  I'm not sure how the volume is in your state.  Maybe you may do a little better.

  • They pay. I do one for them once in a great while. Easy enough form.

    • Thanks Eric.

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