• Interesting what sites pick up the old financial services sites check that out now

  • update: i made the donation today and i got one BPO right away($50), hopefully i will do lots of business with them like Billie
    • Jimmy, can you give me the website to this company? I will gladly donate to their cause.
      • sure David, it is:

        just go to the bottom of the homepage and you will see the website:

        click onto that site and donate the $25 in the name of R&D Properties

        then R&D will automatically be notified and put you on their preferred vendor list

        you can also call them and ask for ALAN and tell him what you just did, and thanks for letting him know that i referred you:)
  • Goldman Sachs (years ago) and some mortgage companies that have changed names. They have close relationships with their clients. If they like you they will open doors for you.
  • Have worked for them for 15+ years, BPO's super EZ! They pay when they get paid, so it's not always quick. I have listed properties through contacts through them, and paid a referral. I'd pay the $25, but was never asked to.
    • Thanks Billie. What do you mean that you have "listed properties through contacts through them"?
  • guess not:)
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