• I did back in 2008 and that is how I got started in my REO career.  That being said, Frank has changed his program a lot and now you have to pay a monthly fee, in addition to the basic training, in order to receive and be kept abreast of new information.  I no longer am a "member" of his REO Renegade group.

    You can find so much helpful information on this site for free.

    • Unless Frank has changed it a lot from last year (and I don't think so) the monthly fee can be cancelled @ any time, even immediately after the course is over.  As far as getting the same info for free.....not exactly.  You can get info from each Asset Management Co. but none of them are going to tell you what you should be doing to build a HUD sales business model in preparation to possibly get listing assignments.  So if you need to get more direction, his class is great for that.

      If you are looking to keep up with who the next round of Asset Management Companies will be....I am sure it will be posted here!

      • I should have clarified, yes, the training is separate from the monthly access fee to the web site and you can cancel the monthly fee at any time, but when you do, you loose your access to the website information.

  • It is not a scam.  I originally taught this with Frank.  It tells you what you need to do to be able to list and sell HUD homes.  It does not guarantee listings, but tells you where to go to find out how to register with the Asset Managers for the opportunity to get listing from them.  There are currently 17 states where HUD is trying to award new Asset Management contracts.  The other 33 states are going to have new asset management companies this year as well (or at least that is what HUD is planning to do!).

    • Can you please give me a website link to go to, for more information

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