• Hey Elizabeth, I heard different; outsourcing to different companies; they cant afford to hire more people because they keep losing money;;; and those AMs dont know the difference between a floor joist and a roof trusse

  • Is that nationwide?  Only works out to like one for every 3 states?

  • Southern California Broker Application-6 for FNMA was due by 10/15/2010. Fannie Mae anticipates conclusion of review/evaluation by mid-Nov. to early Dec. 2010. Prior to this time, Fannie Mae will not be able to provide feedback to Respondents regarding thier inclusion in the Fannie Mae Network. Posted from FNMA website.
    • Anyone have advice as to how to prepare for the interview? What questions will be asked?

  • Does anyone work near Denver I have someone who wants to sell (a rented property)and I'm in the Los Angeles area. There will be a slight referral fee.
  • Hi,

    Do you know where to apply to get some business from them?
  • Has anyone sold Fannie Mae properties though Equity Pointe? How are they to work with?Was there a referral fee? Thanks
    • I have been working with them- no referral fee. E-mail me and I'll be happy to share my experience.....
      • Hi,

        If anyone knows how to get these accounts I will gladly pay a referral fee.

        Shelley Gross
  • Hi Everyone,
    I hope you all doing well and crackin them out. For those who have Fannie Mae listing let me know. I am a direct lender and currently have 3 in escrow and moving pretty fast on them. Not all LO's have Homepath experience so if you don't want the headache of FHA or value issue contact me if your in Cali.
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