Fannie Mae Direct Broker

Dear Agents/brokers:

Can anyone give me any advice on how I can become a Fannie Mae direct broker. I do work with a minority owned woman brokerage. I hear that is one good way to start? Please advise on who I can contact. I have plenty of REO experience and I have a team that supports me as well. I can also get letters from reputable Asset Management companies. I am approved with several but would like to go direct to GSE's Thank you.





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  • Thank you for your reply Justine, Yes, I have realized that it is not an easy process. I just wanted pointers on what they are looking for because I have signed up with them quite some time ago. I am just waiting for the day when I can interview with someone.
    • I met a guy in a conference before, he got in because his senator wrote a letter.

      • Hi Sean, really? hmm I know a few Senators and Assemblyman. Might start asking for favors.

    • From what I have learned you really have to have someone on the inside pulling you in or you will not get in....Regardless of any status......

      • Thank you John, It is good to know this.

  • Hello Henry,

    I wish that it only took being a Minority and a Woman then I would be in with Fannie Mae.  I have been on the waiting list for years and in December 2011 I got an email to move onto the next level.  I waited the 6 weeks to only be disappointed that I was not selected in fact the Brokerage that was selected in my area was a White Male Brokerage.  Maybe he is a retired Veteran.  My point is their selection process is more than just being a Minority and a Woman to get in with Fannie Mae.

    • Hi Charlenia, Yes, minority status itself doesn't do it. Although the majority of Anglo "white" brokers is astronomically higher than any other. There was goverment innititives that were changing some of that and that's what I am trying to take advantage of. Just to get an opportunity by being a great minority hispanic broker. I wish you lots of luck in your endevours, hope to see you get it soon.

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