Fannie Mae

Hi everyone.

I have few question about Fannie Mae as far as getting accepted as a listing agent.  Does anyone know if you have to have your broker LIC in order to be accepted?

 Also if someone in your office already approved as listing agent. Can 2 agents be approved in the same office?

Can some that is approved list agent give any tips on how to get accepted as listing agent for Fannie Mae?

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  • Thanks Guys..

  • Hi there, These listings belong to the company owner not the agents. The company owner can have in company agents under them. (more than 2 in the same office but not as principal agents.) Fannie will send an application to the company owner if they want to consider them for listings.
    Hope this helps

  • Garry, the listing agreement is with the office, not the agent. It takes a while to get approved and you would need to be in an office with solvency and non fannie approved.
    • Your office is approved already which means your office is already fn Mae approved. Broker owner decides who handles the listing since the assignment is the office s listing.
    • Hugo

      Thank you for respond. Im not sure if I understand you respond. The question I have is that there is already an agnet that is all ready apporved to handle Fannie Mae property.

      Will Fannie Mae allow 2 agnet to be singed up or are the property assinged to broker owner of the office and the they make the decsion to whom the property goes to?

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