• Equator has a new way of doing business I have been¬† with them for 10 years and paid the annual fee up front but in the last 2 years I have only been using the site for short sales (no fee is required) Their big bank, B of A now has their own site for BPO assignments and Chase has their own site for REO's. I used to average 3-5 REO assignments per month but over the last 2 years have seen none. If you look in overview under "Account Dashboard". You will see "Your profile has been viewed 840(mine) times by Servicers searching within the 21 Lead Areas locations that you own". It's been at this setting for 840 for 2 years. I did recently accepted their new monthly pay program @ $29.99 or $360 a year plus what ever extras you add. I had to sit thru a webinar and retest to their standards.

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