So I just got an email from Equator stating that in 2018 they will implement phase 2 of their expansion plan.  They are claiming that in 2018 they will be listing EVERY home listed on the MLS nationwide which will be more than 100 million properties.  How can they do this? 

If it is possible for a 3rd party to post EVERY listing on any MLS nationwide? Would that not be the same as a national listing service?  This would eliminate the value of real estate agents being members of local MLS systems.

I don't think I am understanding this correctly.


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  • I haven't heard about that.

    It would be similar to what Zillow, Trulia and some others are doing. 

    Our local MLS systems are selling us out.

    This is why the MLS systems don't want branded or watermarket photos. They can't sell the information and the photos if the photos belong to someone else.

  • Isn't that what zillow/trulia/redfin does?

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