• I love e mortgage logic   a great company to work for

  • I do quite a bit of work for them when there is nothing else.  They do not pay well and their interface is terrible and the older I get the worse it gets.  There orders take more time than average to complete.  They do negotiate and often ask before assigning an order, how much I want and I usually get it.  Not great with communication.  Clear Capital is the best at communication with agents.

  • Thanks everyone for all the feed back.  I am averaging about 2 a week from them so far.  So it is a good addition to my list of companies that I do work for.  You guys are right, the form is a bit tedious, but overall not too bad.  Again, thanks everyone. 

  • One of the best consistently.

  • very reliable and they pay promptly and the forms are not too troublesome to deal with. 

  • I have worked with them for years they are not on the top end of pay scale but you do the work and get paid in less than two weeks. Get enough in the pipeline and it nice to go to the mailbox every week and there is s check.

  • Emortgage is a great company. Easy to work for and they pay in a timely manner. One stickler is photos. Make sure to follow the instructions or you WILL be required to return to the property.

  • I use to do a lot of work for them. Their pay and workload dropped over the years. They always paid on time. I still get requests, but the orders that they have are rural and hard to get comps for. They weren't willing to pay more than $50 for properties that would take driving anywhere from 75 to 180 miles round trip. I get $50 from a competitor for local properties (1 to 20 miles round trip). 

    There are far too many agents willing to work for less than minimum wage these days.

  • Thanks everyone.  I have done quite  bit of work since I posted.  My first check is on its way according to my latest email.  Trying to get them to pay a little more. They are on the low end compared to some other companies.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    • Hi Vicki!

      Did you provide your ACH info? They do deposit frequently and it beats waiting for a check to arrive. 

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