• No, I have not seen that option. I will look into it. Thanks for informing.   I actually just started ACH with other companies and love it.  I have gone out on my own so it is easier now.  I would have had to rely on former broker to keep up with as it was deposited. But now, I it can go straight into my company account with no issues. 

  • They do pay; however, as the others stated, their platform can be a nuisance. You can only access it via Internet Explorer. I do like that they offer weekly ach deposits. In regards to the fee, I would have to say that they are about average. They are also very lenient with late orders so long as you provide updates. I would have to say that they are a solid company. 

    Pam Maglione

    Pam's VAS

    • Thanks Pam!

  • I have not had any issues and they will negotiate fees.  They appear to have picked up on their BPO inventory as of late.

  • Awful interface. They have a data base with sales. Unfortunately if you select these provided their QA will question you. You have to explain their data is worthless.

    Pay is avg or below avg. I do as few as possible. If you are stuck with their interface don't expect workers there to help you...

    • I have worked for them for years, I am very selective who I work for now and this company is a "keeper"....they will negotiate, I don't always get the BPO for the figure I'm willing to do it for....but that's ok, because if I can't get what I want then I won't do it.....let those agents that "need" to do it for $30 or $40 have far as their forms and their "comp tool" ,..... I totally ignore the CT, I agree it's a waste of time......I pull my own comps and go from there....once in a while I get a "quality control" issue....mainly because in our area you have a supreme challenge being able to bracket comps in this market or be within the mileage, we are usually classified as extremely rural....but I have found with them and any other "good pay" company, if you learn what they want in the comment section to get certain differences accepted you are good to go with them and others. Good Luck.

      • I agree, I will not do any work for less than 75.00 except for Clear Capital, just because of the volume. Thanks for the info. 

  • Yes, they are very reliable and pay on time.

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