Has anyone received an email from Vendor Desk inviting you to join a webinar today and tomorrow? The subject line is " -GA listing transfer" and the companies mentioned are Brighton, SAMREO and SNS, who I listed for many years ago, and Brighton who I've never heard of. It looks a little "off" in that there is no formal email signature or contact info, just "Kim :-) ". It said I was in their database as a Georgia REO agent and there is a large number of listings coming soon and they need REO agents. It's usually not necessary to broadcast looking for REO agents.  I am always a little leary about these type of messages, so I thought I get someone else's two cents worth.

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  • They will spam you forever. I get 3 or 4 of these a day!

    Don't reply. Don't do the webinar. Burn your email to the ground.

    It's mostly them trying to sell you registration services. They don't offer listings and they can't get you paid. RUN! :-)

    • Thanks. I thought it looked suspect, especially since two of them are already clients of mine  :) Why would anyone be begging for agents?

      • Just wait. Now you'll see 2 or 3 versions of the same basic email come across each day. When you unsubscribe, you get more. Gotta love the sharks that can't make it in real estate so they chase the chum instead.

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