Corona Virus, REO and The REO Consultancy

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 "Economic dislocation resulting in increasing unemployment equals REO."  20 years heading up Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae's REO Divisions as VP taught me that formula.  And it appears that the corona virus will make the formula work again.  The economic shutdown has and will affect millions of small businesses and tens of millions of individuals negatively.  I read that 7.5 million businesses with under 10 employees will fail.  There is no magic wand that will "restart" the economy.  Many people who lost their jobs will not find one to go back to.  Foreclosures are coming.

As usual REO professionals will step forward to bring order to the housing market.  At The REO Consultancy we have been helping REO brokers and agents develop their business since 2010.  Hundreds of contacts at Lenders, Asset Management companies, Credit Unions, Regional Banks and evolving sources of REO are the strength of our program.  We also take a very pro active approach working a Multi Channel Marketing Campaign to put your information directly in front of these contacts.  Our clients give us a 4.6 out of 5 satisfaction level. 

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  • Hey John; Nikki Holmes here. I am the person who took over (co-)management of you REO page on Linked In with you about 15 years ago. Obviously, it's totally out of hand now and not as great a resource as it was back when we were handling it daily, so long ago.

    I am still cooking along, and would love to connect again, in new ways.
  • Sounds about right. I have been expecting more reo's to show up by the end of March to May just because of some things seen in the lending world. With this virus and many not being able to continue with their payments, and then later to not be able to catch up with what will be owed = REO's. JMHO. I will send you an email.
  • Good morning. I have been in the REO industry for over 25 years and would like more information on the opportunities with the REO Consultancy.
    • Debbie, would you shoot me your email so I can send to you. Mine is Thanks.
      • Hi John I would like more information on the opportunities with the REO Consultancy. My email is
  • Thank you Elaine. Happy to do so. Please provide me your email. If you like email me at
  • I would like more information about the opportunities with the REO Consultancy
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