• Corelogic took over Rels and Inspection Port or Landscafe  but like Mark said the volume is down to almost nothing. Direct deposit is great you get paid in two days but I have had an average of ten BPO's a month just from Corelogic, the old Inspection Port but in March I have had only three orders and one from the old RELS. I was told by someone at the company that there is now only one person assigning BPOs at Corelogic the Old  Inspectionport they are so slow. When they do have orders they do pay good and fast but no business right now at least in my area in SE Florida

    • I think things got diluted and the volume changed on these sites, when they got bought out, bought other companies and such and likely lost clients due to too much change or other BPO mills that were more stable for clients that used to go to Rels/VSS and CoreLogic. I'm sure it's hard for a BPO mill to keep clients because there are lots of solid companies that they can have do their orders.

      It's sad that CoreLogic used to be in the top 5 of companies that offered high volumes of BPO orders, they were one of my favorites and had great systems in place, training and a wonderful preferred agent program. This company has created other awesome, long-standing products like Realist and Matrix MLS to name a few.

      But change is inevitable!
  • They just took over VSS and Rels. I have had great payment experience but low volume.

  • Keeping up with these companies and all of the mergers, acquisitions and changes that they did (and some will continue to do) in the last few years could be a part-time job! Whew!

    I try to stay on top of things and I used to work for both BPO companies so I wanted to try to help clarify things as best I could.

    MCS Valuations used to be "CoreLogic/FARVV" at this website address:

    CoreLogic bought out Rels and their platforms, one of which used to be called "Valuation Support Services" at:

    So now when someone says "CoreLogic" it should be for this site:
    Which is now known as: CoreLogic Valuation Solutions.

    Here's a great articles for anyone that wants to learn more about all of these confusing changes:

    And lastly, yes we've seen order volume drop considerably on MCS Valuations site and VSS never had a lot of business but it looks like since CoreLogic took them over than things are looking up. CoreLogic in general used to be in the Top 5 of BPO Mills in the industry for years, but as we all know nothing lasts forever, sadly!
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  • Here's the MCS Valuation link. I filled it out and got a call from Corelogic a few days later.

  • Good company that pays well!

  • I would like to get the link too!


  • Does anybody have the link to sign up with Core Logic?  I tried contacting customer service today and got rerouted to somebody that doesn't even work for Core Logic!

  • I've worked with them for many years, have had no problem with payment. Good company.

  • Rels is a great company to work with and pays quickly, they were purchased by Corelogic last year and have continued to use the same platform and pay quickly though volume has dropped off since the merger

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